Get to know the Circassian radio "Cherkes FM", which broadcasts 24 hours a day


Circassian FM (Cherkes FM) is an online radio station that broadcasts in the Circassian language and is available worldwide. On the air hits of popular artists of Circassian (Adyghe) music, as well as entertainment headings: Adyghe Khabze; Fairy tales for children; Humorous headings; Proverbs and more.

Every year, the VEGAS CITY HALL in Moscow hosts a festive concert "Cherkes FM Stars" - which brings together the most popular Circassian pop artists, as well as special guests, on one stage.

The main language of the air is Circassian. However, for an audience that does not know their native language well, as well as for convenient perception of the air by listeners of other nationalities, the broadcast in Russia - in Russian and Circassian, in Turkey - in Circassian and Turkish, in Jordan and other Arab countries - in Circassian and Arabic.

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