About us


The goal of AdygLife is to present information on the subjects of personal development and society development that can help improve the life of each individual and the society as a whole. This information is presented in the form of articles and practical information.

In order to get a better life you need to work with the three main areas of life: Health, Relationships and Financial income. Our blog deals with these three topics in the form of practical information. 

Achieving a better life in an individual way is not enough, but society as a whole should also strive to achieve a better life through cooperation between all elements of the society. Our blog deals with this topic and presents its visibility. 

An important part of our blog is about the way of life of the Circassians (Adyge) today and in the past.

All the material found on the blog is the result of hard work we have done on these topics combined with work done by the best experts in these fields.

Any question or suggestion you have can be sent to this email address: adygintour@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer them.