In Adygea, efforts are being made to revive the Circassian gardens


The issues of the revival of the Circassian gardens were discussed by the participants of the round table, which took place in the National Museum of the Republic of Adygea.

Prior to the meeting, those present were able to get acquainted with the book exhibition, where unique and rare publications on the topic of Circassian gardens were presented. Old photos show plants whose cultivars have yet to be established,- the newspaper "Soviet Adygea" reports.

An expert in the field of Circassian (Adyghe) horticulture, Nuret Kudaeva, presented the book “In Search of Old Adyghe Apple and Pear Varieties,” co-authored with Irina Bandurko. She noted that the publication is the result of decades of work, but only a small part of the research was included in the publication.

- In the middle of the 19th century, the first information appeared in the press, showing the high level of development of horticulture among the Circassians (Adygs). Fruit plantations, which were called "Circassian gardens", were widespread. Unfortunately, they don't exist in their original form today. But many varieties of trees from these gardens have come down to us, preserved by people who love their history and roots. A lot of work was done to survey the territory of the republic, old trees of some varieties and forms of apple and pear were identified and described, their certification was carried out, Nuret Kudaeva said.

Within the framework of the round table, they discussed the creation of a team whose tasks include determining the habitats of Adyghe fruit trees, varieties, their geolocation, and teaching methods of all-season garden care.

Samir Khotko, the head of the Department of Ethnology and Folk Art of the Adyghe Republican Institute for Humanitarian Research named after T. M. Kerashev (ARIHR), a young scientist of the Adyghe State University Maxim Shapovalov and other speakers presented their reports. As a result of the meeting, a resolution was adopted, in which a plan was developed for the revival of the Old Adyghe varieties of fruit crops.

The event was attended by representatives of the scientific community, students, enthusiasts interested in the issue of the revival of Circassian gardens and activists on this issue.

Nuret Kudaeva and Irina Bandurko

Photo: Artur Lautenschläger/SA