"Haluzh Day" will be held in Adygea on June 17


Photo: Alexey Gusev

June 17 at the Rufabgo waterfalls will be held the holiday "Haluzh Day". This was reported by the newspaper "Soviet Adygea" on the basis of the press service of the Adygea Committee for Tourism and Resorts.

Khaluzh is a dish of the national Circassian (Adyghe) cuisine. This is such a small pie with Circassian cheese inside, cooked in boiling oil, which is eaten with pleasure in Adyghe families all year round. We invite all residents and guests of the Republic of Adygea, the message of the  committee says.

The program of the event includes competitions for the best "Grandmother's haluzh", "Haluzh returning to his homeland", "Haluzh of the hostess", "Bride's hands", "Festive haluzh".

Organizer - JSC "Rufa-Tour" with the support of the Committee of the Republic of Adygea for Tourism and Resorts.