Get to know the Circassian village of Aguy-Shapsug on the Black Sea coast


The Circassian (adyghe) village Aguy-Shapsug is located on the mountain bed of the Aguy River in the Black Sea region of the Circassian homeland. It is located 8 km north of the city of Tuapse, 104 km south of the city of Krasnodar and 7 km west of the Black Sea coast.

The inhabitants of the village are Circassians, there are more than 2,000 of them. The rural economy is mainly based on tourism and agriculture. Tourist routes pass through the village to waterfalls and dolmens in the Aguy river basin, as well as to various peaks of the southern slope of the main Caucasian ridge. In the vicinity of the village there are large orchards of hazelnuts, cherries, pears, apple trees and vineyards.

Remains of Circassian settlements from the times of the Russian-Caucasian War, as well as the remains of ancient Circassian gardens, have been preserved in the gorge of the Aguy River.

The settlement lands are bordered by settlements: Aguy in the west, Nibug in the north-west, Tsipka in the east and Tuapse in the southeast.

The village is located on the southern slope of the main Caucasian ridge. The terrain is very rocky and mostly mountainous. The average height of the village is about 90 meters above sea level. To the west of the village are the Shaga Mountains, Mount Azip (486), Mount Chubat (568), Mount Ziziko (669) and Mount Mazafa (689). To the east are Mount Masjay (651) and Mount Shakalith (680).

At the top of the Aguy River, there is a popular peak among tourists - Mount Aguy (994 m). The surrounding mountains and ridges are covered with dense forest dominated by pines, larches, chestnuts, etc.

Below is a video filmed by the TV channel of the city of Tuapse, which tells about the Circassians of Aguy-Shapsug, about the culture, history and Circassian customs. The program is in Russian.