Circassian flag day: Equestrian holiday "Ethnosport Unites" was held in Adygea (+photos)


Photo: Artur Lautenschläger/SA

On the day of the Circassian flag - the State flag of the Republic of Adygea, the equestrian sport festival "Ethnosport Unites" was held at the republican hippodrome in the capital city of Maykop. The newspaper Sovietskaya Adygea reports.

The organizers of the competition were the Republican Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, the society of riders of Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory "Shuuei Khase" with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Adygea.

The participants of the opening ceremony of the competitions remembered the history of the Circassian flag. Popular among the Circassians (Adyghe), the green flag of 12 five-pointed stars and three crossed arrows was raised for the first time in 1830 in Circassia (Caucasus).

Then the equestrian festival itself began. It opened with a parade of horsemen. According to the results of the ring "Shagdi Constellation - Adygea 2023", standards were chosen - the best representatives of the Circassian breed of horses. The national equestrian tournament of flag-bearers "Byrakzekh" was held.

The competition program included horse races of the Circassian (at 1600 m) and Anglo-Circassian (at 2400 m) breeds. There were competitions in traditional archery, arm wrestling and tug of war.

A cultural and entertainment program for guests of the holiday of all ages, an exhibition of national arts and crafts were organized. Those who wish had the opportunity to taste dishes of national cuisine.


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