Libyan Circassians gathered in the city of Misrata for their first congress


On November 24, the Circassians of Libya, gathered in the area of the city of Misrata known as the Circassian Quarter, for their annual congress with the slogan of "cooperate on goodness",- the website ajanskafkas reports.

The Circassians of libya are the descendants of the Circassian Mamluk of Egypt who had to migrate to Libya in 1811 due to the anti Circassian policy of the Turkish Governor in Egypt  Muhamad Ali Pasha.

At this congress, which was supported by prominent businessmen, topics such as strengthening kinship ties and acquaintanceship among Libyan Circassians, establishing a non-governmental organization in the coming days, and providing financial assistance to the Circassian community were discussed. Sports and cultural activities were also included in the meeting. 

The congress participants made a decision for cooperation between all the Circassians of Libya and issued an agreed document that contained the principles and the ways to strengthen the unity of the Circassian community in Libya.