Four simple steps that will prevent the smartphone from ruining your life


The smartphone can make your life easy and fun and on the other hand it can also destroy your life.

Here we present four simple actions that can prevent the smartphone from ruining your life:

1- Remove all applications that you do not use. Do not download new applications that you will not use on a daily basis.

2- Change the location of the apps you use for a long time without any benefit like browsing Facebook or Instagram for hours. So what you do is remove these applications and transfer them to your computer. This means that you do not give up using these applications but use them when you are sitting in front of your computer. This action will save you a lot of time.

3- Organize the screens on the smartphone. Do not cram all the applications on the main screen, only applications that you need for your work to be on the main screen and move everything else to other screens.

4- Cancel all notifications that are not essential for your life and for your work. The notifications take you out of concentration and harm your performance at work or any other serious thing you are doing.