President of the Circassian Business Association of Samsun vısıts Novorossiysk


Last week, Circassian Business People's Association President Ruhan Üney and board members of the  Association made business visit to Samsun's sister city Novorossiysk, to participate in the events held within the day of the cıty,- the Turkish newspaper samsungazetesi reports.

President Ruhan Üney, who gave information about the visit said: "Our aim is to contribute to the economy and development of Samsun. In this context, we held business meetings and held a meeting with the municipality and the chamber of commerce in Novorossiysk. 

Üney thanked the managers of Novorossiysk for their hospitality and said: "Our meetings took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. I believe that we have further strengthened our relations between Samsun and Novorossiysk."

The city of Samsun is located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Novorossiysk is located on the coast of the Black Sea in the Circassian homeland - North Caucasus. It is Russian Federation's main port city on the Black Sea. In the Circassian (Adyghe) language the city is called Tsemez.