Existential problems facing the world in the 21st century


There are some existential problems of humanity that all countries of the world must take seriously to try to solve them. These problems, some are due to human actions and some are due to changes that occur in nature.

Here we will try to present the problems and also try to give ways of working to solve these problems. Of course, in order to achieve results on this issue, a great effort must be made by all countries of the world as well as every person must participate in these efforts.

The existential problems that threaten humanity are:
1- Nuclear World War.
2- Changes in climate and other natural events.
3- The spread of new deadly diseases.

To our great regret, humans are not yet ready for great cooperation in such efforts either individually or in groups or countries. The history of humanity shows that only after a major catastrophe humans begin to cooperate. And because of the problems we have mentioned here, the need for cooperation needs to be current because later, that is, in the future it will be late and humanity may then not exist.

If we start with the first problem, we will see that its in the hands of humans and the simplest solution is to destroy all the nuclear weapons in the world. In this case, the main problem is how to obtain agreement between all countries of the world for the destruction of nuclear weapons and agreement on the prohibition of its possession or creation.

With regard to the second problem, global blockchain is also needed to solve the problem. In the first stage, the countries together will establish a world body of experts from all fields who will  analyze the problem of the climate changes that can occur. The second step is to find the solutions and the third and final step is to implementation the solution. The third stage is the most difficult stage to carry out because there is a need for great funding which all the countries of the world must participate in it and such funding also means that every person will have to give up some of the joys he has today and invest them for the future of humanity.

With regard to the third problem of the spread of deadly diseases humanity is not at all ready to  solve it in systems that exist today in the world. Every year we see signs of this problem in the form of a new virus that is unknown. It is true that such viruses that were in the last decade have been found ways to treat it, but what if such a virus spread for a long time? Are there any emergency plans in the world? Do humans know what to do in these situations? Of course not. A month ago such a virus was discovered in China and meanwhile the virus has already spread to other parts of the world. Of course, this problem requires global cooperation and the establishment of serious global institutions, whith a very large budgets to find solutions to this problem.

Is the world ready to work on the three existential problems we mentioned? In order to find the answer it is necessary to present the truth objectively. And the truth that the world is not at all willing to cooperate.
So the question arises why the world is not ready? The objective answer is that humanity is still in a state of primitive thinking. Mankind has advanced in technology but in the way of thinking has remained primitive.

The signs of primitiveness are numerous and sufficient only if we look at the wars between nations and peoples as well as the constant competition between the countries in order to gain military or economic power.

Primitivity is humanity's first problem and the first step to solve this problem is that humans will begin to recognize that they are primitive.