An athlete from Adygea won 1st place at the Russian Weightlifting Championship

Photo: Russian Weightlifting Federation

The Russian weightlifting championship among juniors and junior women 15-18 and 19-20 years old is taking place in Maykop - capital city of the Republic of Adygea, from November 11 to 20. The competition brought together more than 550 athletes from 56 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as the Republic of Belarus, into the Oshten Sports  Complex. Adygea is represented by 18 people.

According to the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of Adygea, on the first day of the championship in the weight category up to 55 kg, our athlete Astemir Ordokov won 1st place in the snatch with a result of 94 kg and set a new Russian record among youth.

In addition, he earned 3rd place in the clean and jerk exercise with a weight of 104 kg. Also, according to the results of the FTAR Open Championship, our weightlifter took 2nd place in the double event total: 198 kg.

The athlete is trained by Rajeb and Galim Khagurov.

Today our athletes will compete in the 61 kg weight category: Askhad Bguashev, Daniil Adamovich, Ramazan Tleptsershe, Ivan Tokarchuk.

Source: Soviet Adygea