There are no Circassian tribes, there is a Circassian nation that consists of sub-ethnoses


The assumption that the Circassian people consist of tribes is completely wrong. This assumption took root in Circassian society after the expulsion from the homeland in the 19th century. Also, writers who wrote about the Circassians did not investigate in depth the way of life of the Circassians. Here it is necessary to clarify a very important thing that the natural development of the Circassians stopped after the conquest of the Circassian homeland in 1864 by the Russian Empire and the deportation of more than ninety percent of the Circassians from their homeland Circassia into the Ottoman Empire. The dispersal of the Circassians resulted in them losing a large part of their heritage and even in the situation created, the Circassians could not research and write about their people like the other peoples of the world.

The first proof that there were no Circassian tribes is that the Circassian language does not have the term tribe.

The second proof that there were no Circassian tribes is that the stories of the Narts in which there is no mention of the existence of Circassian tribes.

The third proof that there were no Circassian tribes is the historical facts from the 15th century to the 19th century which clearly show that what existed were sub-ethnoses and not tribes. The way of life of the tribes that is known all over the world does not correspond at all to the way of life that the Circassians had. All the Circassians were united in terms of the organization of society under one roof and which was called the Adyghe Khabze (Circassian Law). The Circassian sub-ethnoses had different dialects but in terms of the organization of life they were very similar. And, all the Circassian sub-ethnoses declared in the past and today that they are one nation.

According to our assessment, the tribal way of life among the Circassians disappeared three thousand years ago, based on the fact that some of the Nart stories  were created during this period and there is no mention of the term tribe, nor the way of life that the tribe had. According to the stories of the Narts, it can be seen that the Circassians were a democratic society in this early period. The best example of democracy that the Narts had was the council they had and in which discussions were held and decisions were made in a collective way, not by one person. 

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