The education in the world is outdated and a waste of many years of the student


The study method that exists in all countries of the world is more or less similar, both in terms of the content of the studies, and in terms of the study periods. In this article, we will focus not on the content of the outdated studies either, but on the very large amount of time that children spend in schools and universities.

The average number of years of schooling that a student goes through in all countries of the world is approximately 15 years. During this long period, the student finishes his studies with a certain certificate and in a particular subject in which he never had practical experience, all in theory. After that, every person starts looking for a job that fits the subject he studied. Searching for a job also takes time and sometimes even years until you find the suitable job.

Even after the person starts working in the profession he studied, it takes him several years to become an expert in his profession in practice. This means that it takes almost 20 years for a person to be ready to work in his profession.

In our opinion, these 20 years are one big waste of human life and it is necessary to change our view of the existing education system. Experiments were conducted by people, that is, individual experiments without the intervention of the educational system to educate and teach the children. In these attempts, the study time was drastically cut in half, and the study method was based on practical work and not just theory. These attempts brought incredible success when children aged 15 to 17 were already practical experts in their professions and even became independent in terms of organizing their lives without being dependent on their parents.

If the whole world has become accustomed to a certain method of study, this does not mean that it is the right thing, this issue should be examined in depth and study programs must to prepare completely different from what exists today.

In the next article in this area, we will touch the contents and values ​​that are taught in schools today, which in our opinion are outdated and primitive and which also need to be changed.