Adygea hosts the international festival "Circassian Girl"


The Republic of Adygea  hosts the international festival-competition "Circassian Girl" (Adyghe pshash), timed to coincide with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the statehood of Adygea. Ten participants claim the title of "Circassian Girl - 2022".

The international festival “Circassian Girl” is held every two years. This time we decided to coincide with the festival and the centenary of the statehood of Adygea, and the Day of the Circassian national costume. We try not only to preserve, but also to develop the Circassian traditions. The festival-competition "Circassian Girl" is held with the aim of reviving, developing and promoting the traditional culture of the Circassians. The holding of this competition contributes to the awakening of interest in the national culture among the Adyghe youth, forms a holistic perception of the image of female beauty, which harmoniously combines external attractiveness, spiritual and moral perfection, intelligence and purposefulness, - Deputy Minister of Culture of Adygea Svetlana Kushu said.

The festival opened with a show of national costumes and collections with elements of the Circassian costume of local fashion designers in the North Caucasian branch of the State Museum of Oriental Art to the accompaniment of the Honored Artist of Adygea and Karachay-Circassia Aslan Tlebzu.

The museum also hosted a creative meeting with the pianist Tambiy Dzhimuk, who delighted everyone with his virtuoso piano and accordion playing.

Five competitive nominations of the festival "Circassian Girl" will be viewed at the National Museum of Adygea. Participants - Zamira Beslaneeva, Milana Gubzhokova, Elmira Sultanova, Dana Brantova, Asiet Zhenetl, Sofia Gubieva, Dinara Soobtsokova, Suanda Agerzhanokova, Aida Blyagoz and Darina Zhekamukhova - will have to demonstrate fluency in their native language, knowledge of the history of their family, traditional culture of the Circassians. The competition day will end with the traditional Adyghe jagu and the awarding of the participants.

On October 2, the Pushkin People's House will host a creative meeting of the festival participants with the costume designer of the National Theater of the Republic of Adygea.

The international festival-competition "Circassian Girl" is held by the Ministry of Culture of Adygea and the Center of Folk Culture of the Republic in accordance with the state program of the Republic of Adygea "Development of Culture" for 2022 as part of a set of events dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the statehood of Adygea.

Photo: sovetskaya-adygeya