The Jordanian princesses participated in the opening of the Circassian Costume and Heritage Exhibition

Jordanian princesses of the Jordanian royal family Princess Sana Assem and Princess Farah Naif participated in the opening ceremony of the Circassian Costume and Heritage Exhibition which took placein Amman, September 28, on the occasion of the day of the Circassian national costume.

The Jordanian princesses toured the exhibition and listened to the explanation given by the president of the Circassian association in Jordan Ibrahim Faruk, about the exhibits.

The exhibition contains models of Circassian clothing, heritage and historical exhibits, handicrafts, embroideries and paintings representing Circassian culture, as well as various types of traditional Circassian clothing, Circassian musical instruments and books that talk about Circassian culture and history.

Circassians all over the world celebrate the Day of the Circassian National Costume every year on September 28. This day was adopted as an official holiday for the first time in 2011 in the Republic of Adygea (Caucasus).

The photos were taken from the Facebook page of the Circassian activist Nabil Akash Hatukay.