How to start a business without investing money


Every person who starts thinking about starting a business of course and he takes the business topic he can run and immediately starts doing calculations on the amount of money that needs to be invested in the new business. This is a misconception for start-up entrepreneurs who have not previously had the experience of starting a business.

Global statistics show that 80 percent of new businesses close within 5 years. In order not to fall into the bracket group you need to start your new business without investing money, but, in this business some of your time will be invested.

In any business there is a crucial factor that the entrepreneur needs to experience and know, and that is sales. There is no single business that can exist without sales. This means that the sales theme is more important than the product theme or business idea you want to set up. Therefore every new entrepreneur should have experience in sales. 

So how to start a business from scratch - as we mentioned before deciding which business to set up you need to experience and work on the sales issue and here the whole world and all the products made in the world are open to you to start selling them. This means you will work as an intermediary between the product creator and those who consume the product. You can reach an agreement with almost any business to sell its products or find for his business customers who will buy the products. And, you will take a certain percentage from selling the product or finding a customer.

You do not have to spend a lot of time thinking about which product you are starting to work with, just look around and look for a product that sells well. Once you have decided on the type of product you start at the same time looking for customers who will buy the product and also makes an agreement with the manufacturer. These steps should be done by you and not through others, that means you meet with the product owner and talk to him and come to an agreement with him in selling the product, and you start contacting either in a meeting or through the internet to potential customers.

A very important point in this regard is that you need to know best the product you want to sell.

A few more important points you need to overcome are your ego and fear of failure. No need to be ashamed and no need to be afraid in case you have not been able to sell to a client for the first time, just need to keep trying until you are able to sell, and after that it will be easier for you to sell. Same with the product owners, if you have not been able to reach a conclusion with one there are thousands of other businesses that you can find and reach an agreement with them for the sale of their products.

After you learn and work practically the subject of sales and after you start getting to know the market in the product you are working on and after you start making good money, then you start thinking and planning to start your own business.