Russian Railways launches a new tourist route: Rostov-on-Don - Khadzhokh (Adygea)


Russian Railways is developing a new tourist route “To the mountains and thermal baths”. It is planned that in Skalina a tourist train will be included in Adygea, which will accompany 3 nights and 2 days along the route: Rostov-on-Don - Krasnodar - Tuapse - Khadzhokh - Krasnodar - Rostov-on-Don,-  the newspaper Voice of the Circassians (Adyge Mak) reports.

“The sights of our republic are becoming more accessible to tourists. Previously, we signed an agreement to participate in the “Travel with Russian Railways” project. As a result, Adygea included the Pearl of the Caucasus in the route of the cruise tourist train. And now our republic has begun to implement a new tourism project of Russian Railways - “Regional Weekend Tourist Trains,” noted the Head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov.

The excursion program is designed in such a way as to maximize the tourist attractiveness of Adygea in two days and get acquainted with the traditions and national cuisine.

Thanks to the tour, guests were able to:

admire the calendars of the Lagonaki plateau;
visit Rufabgo waterfalls;
see the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve on the Guzeripl cardon;
take a walk along the Khadzhokh Gorge;
learn the history of St. Michael Athos Hermitage;
visit the brewery in Maykop;
learn the history of the Republic of Adygea at the National Museum;
relax in thermal springs;
try Adyghe cuisine;
Take souvenir photos in the photo compartment of the train.

The train will become a real “hotel on wheels” for the passenger. Thanks to a convenient schedule, you can make excursions during the day, and relax in comfortable compartment and SV carriages in the evening and at night. Cruise dates: November 3, 17, December 1 and 15, 2023, February 23, March 8, 2024 (in development). Tickets should go on sale soon.

The head of Adygea aroused confidence that the new project will be in demand among tourists who will be able to relax on a weekend, get positive emotions, a lot of useful and interesting information about the republic, and get acquainted with real Caucasian hospitality!