Lasha Talakhadze is again recognized as the best weightlifter in Europe


Lasha Talakhadze has been named the best European weightlifter in 2022, the Georgian National Weightlifting Federation has announced.

For the past seven years, Talakhadze has not known competing rivals in the category over 109 kg. During this time, Talakhadze won absolutely all major tournaments several times, including twice the Olympic Games.

Last December, Talakhadze won the World Championship for the sixth time in a row. Talakhadze received the award of the best weightlifter in Europe at the opening ceremony of the European Championship in Armenia last month.

Unlike previous years, this time it was not fans who voted, but sports journalists - but the result remained the same.

In October last year, Talakhadze turned 29 years old, and by this time he already had more than 20 world records.