5-9.05.2023 - Adygea will host the championship of the Russian Federation in rafting


Photo: Egor Sergeev

The championship of the Russian Federation in rafting will be held in the mountainous part of the Republic of Adygea during the May holidays. This was reported by the newspaper "Soviet Adygea"

It is planned that about 200 professional athletes from 15 regions of the Russian Federation will take part in the competition. The championship starts on May 5, the competition program will be held from May 6 to 9, - President of the Federation of Rafting and Rowing Slalom of Adygea Petr Feshin said.

Athletes will compete in four disciplines. May 6 - “sprint” and “parallel sprint”, competitions in the last discipline will also be held on May 7. On May 8, it is planned to hold competitions in the discipline "slalom", on May 9 - in "long races".

In such competitions many tourists and sports lovers come to Adygea not only from Russia but also from other countries of the world.