A collection of Circassian songs by Zaramuk Kardangushev was presented in Kabardino-Balkaria


On May 3, in the House of Culture of the village of Atazhukino in the Baksan district, a presentation of the book "Collection of Adyghe folk songs from the repertoire of Zaramuk Kardangushev" was held by the People's Artist of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Honored Artist of the Republic of Ingushetia Aues Zeushev, who transferred 46 of Zaramuk's songs to musical notation, - the press service of the administration of the Baksan district reports.

“The uniqueness of this collection lies in the fact that for the first time the singing of the master-performer of folk songs Zaramuk Kardangushev has been transferred with exact reproduction to musical notation,” the author of the book, Aues Zeushev said.

Artur Balkizov, head of the administration of the Baksan district, addressed the numerous guests of the event with a congratulatory address: “A lot of work has been done, which will be appreciated not only by fans of Z. Kardangushev’s work, but also by all residents who take care of the cultural heritage of their ancestors.”

The program of the evening was full of performances by well-known artists from the Baksan and Chegem regions, the Baksan urban district, and creative children's groups.