The best teacher of the Circassian language and literature will be chosen in Adygea


The Adyghe Pedagogical College hosted the opening of the competition "The Best Teacher of the Native Language and Literature" in 2023. Teachers of the native Circassian (Adyghe) language and native  literature, who have become the best in their municipalities, take part in it, - the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Adygea reports.

All of them implement the main educational programs in their native Circassian (Adyghe) language within the framework of the nomination "Best Practices for the Development of the Native Speech of Preschool Children". And during the final stage of the competition, until April 28, they will demonstrate their professional skills.

The solemn event was held by Svetlana Tesheva - Honored Journalist of the Republic of Adygea. Participation in the opening was attended by the chairman of the Committee of the State Council - Khase of the Republic of Adygea on education, science, youth affairs, sports, media and interaction with public organizations Tembot Shovgenov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Adygea Artem Zhuravel, Deputy Minister of Culture of Adygea Svetlana Kushu and representatives of public organizations of adygea.

“Language is what our life on earth begins with. It helps us understand who we are and why we are here. Each of us listened to fairy tales and lullabies in the folk language in childhood. From an early age, we are imbued with love for our native language, and today our teachers continue to share their knowledge of their language, which they have been improving over the years,”  Deputy Minister Artem Zhuravel said.

Recall that over 6.8 thousand children (34% of the total number of pupils) study the Adyghe language in kindergartens of the republic, and 29.5 thousand students (48.5%) in schools. Thanks to a grant from the Foundation for the Preservation and Study of the Native Languages of the Peoples of the Russian Federation, as well as from the federal and republican budgets, new textbooks on the Adyghe language from grades 1 to 11 have been created in the republic over three years.