Adygea: Children's dance group 'Nalkut' returns with victory


The children's dance group "Nalkut" from the Republic of Adygea, which was established in the town of  Yablonovski, participated in the international competition called 'sparkle', which was held in Moscow on the 1-2 of this month.

They won two first places with the two dances they staged, and they won the right to participate in the competition to be held in the same city once again, as the finale of this competition.

The returnees were welcomed in their town by the mayor of Yablonovske, his relatives and friends. Despite the tiring of the road, the young artists also danced with the greeters. This is the first time this group is participating in such an international competition, and they took the stage for the first time in Moscow.

The ensemble artistic director is Heshikoye Murat.