Zarina Kanukova participates in the International Book Fair in India


Zarina Kanukova (second from right)

Circassian (Kabardinian) poet, writer, playwright from the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Zarina Kanukova is participating in the International Book Fair in New Delhi (India), News Agency RIA Kabardino-Balkaria reports.

The New Delhi International Book Fair is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in 2023. The grand opening of the Russian National Stand took place on 28 February.

The focus of the Russian fair program is a wide presentation of the “Programme to support the national literatures of the peoples of the Russian Federation”. Solid anthologies of poetry, prose, and dramaturgy of the peoples of Russia take center stage at the Russian stand.

Zarina Kanukova, poet, writer, editor-in-chief of the Goryanka newspaper (Nalchik), is the author of the works included in these anthologies and one of the curators of the project. It is noteworthy that she recently performed in Havana with a similar mission, and the Cuban public showed interest in the topic of Russia's multilingualism.

In Delhi, Zarina Kanukova with new books of poetry, as well as with a presentation of the Circassian (Adyghe) youth theater "Syrine".

Speaking at the Sakhitiya Academy, a state institution for translations, Kanukova told scientists and writers about the diversity of languages ​​of the peoples of the Russian Federation and read her poems in the Circassian (Kabardian) language.